Installing a faucet

Installing a faucet on the outside of the house
It is always really useful to have one or more taps on the outside when using the water for a garden or orchard, or to a garage or a laboratory in an annex to the house and to supply water to a laundry room.  This is really a small but convenient feature to add to your home, which will be appreciated by all members of the family over the years.


If the house has copper piping, installation of ducts and the corresponding tap is very simple, copper piping  is the right thing to also use this material for outdoor installation. Copper tubes and mechanical compression joint with manipulation are fast. To do the job, we must have on hand a hacksaw, a roll of Teflon tape and a drill with drill machine for stone material of a diameter commensurate the tube to be used: ie something greater to avoid difficulties in getting through the wall, especially if it is very thick. The drill bits have to be long enough to exceed that thickness.
Obviously you could also, if necessary, make the hole with hammer and chisel, but it would mean, in addition to a lot of effort, a  big mess  of masonry . A drill hole always results in a much cleaner implementation.  If you do not have a powerful drill, remember you can always rent a powerful hammer drill with the necessary accessories to drill any wall however hard the material is.

Locating your faucet
Mounting the angled fitting 90 ° to the wall with screws and connect the fitting to the tube from inside as close to the place where you want to install the exterior faucet, Then close the main valve  and open all the taps inside the whole house drain any remaining water in the system.  If the pipe is copper, just cut it with a hacksaw in the right spot. The little water that comes out of the cut is of no importance, but have a bucket ready to prevent a flood. At this point proceed to splice a compression T, at the appropriate measure. It will then be ready for fitting.

At the free end of the T piece, a pipe capable of crossing the entire wall is installed. On the outside, when that piece of pipe comes through the wall, it will be more stable if it sits on a firm basis and having an intermediate stopcock. Keep in mind two things: make sure that the arrow stamped on the body of the tap not be facing to the pipe that feeds it, but outward, and the handle of the stopcock is positioned at an angle to the wall, to avoid difficulties when turning. Having sandwiched a stopcock, you can close it and open the other general entrance to the house to check for leaks. The result is more water available in the home and other work may be made when appropriate. The rest of the installation, ie, placing an additional tap in a place that would be useful, you can always do this by the sandwiched stopcock and can be installed indoors or outdoors.  You can also perform a complete installation with two or more taps, placing them in the most convenient place.

Connections are made easily possible with copper pipes and compression fittings. However, you should fix the tap on a solid exterior wall using expandable plugs and screws for steel material with a weatherproof treatment. Don’t forget during a  cold winter, to close the bypass valve to the exterior, and open the existing outdoor faucets to completely empty the water system outside. By doing so, you will not need to install outdoor installation.


Types of gas boilers

Gas boilers are largely grouped into three categories, the  combi boiler, the boiler and the boiler regular system.

Regular Boiler
Firstly, the regular boiler, often referred to as the “conventional” boiler, indicative of the most traditional boilers which have previously been installed as a standard.
The features of this configuration include the presence of a boiler which is separated from the hot water cylinder (more traditionally found in the cabinet for drying), which also is fed from a cold water source (more generally present in the attic of the house). It would be incorrect to assume that this type of gas boiler only predates recent developments in technology resulting in reduced efficiency, as this type of boiler is exposed to technological changes like the other two predominant styles.
The title simply refers to the arrangement and placement of composite parts of the system. This type of gas boiler would be best placed in a home where the water pressure is low or a house that has more than two bathrooms.

Combi Boiler
This can be contrasted with the second type of gas boiler : combi boiler, which was developed with a space-saving design making it ideal for homes that have little loft space or simply no need for instant hot water. The way this is achieved is by not using a hot water tank, wherein the cold water is fed directly to the boiler and is heated instantly as needed. Water is pumped from the boiler to the heat source needed (for example, radiator) and dispensed in this manner. This approach saves considerable costs in hot water since there is not constant supply of hot water, but is provided, so to speak, on demand.

Boiler system
The third member of this trio is gas boiler system boiler. This is largely similar to the regular boiler, however, some changes have been incorporated with key technology to help the efficiency of the installation process and allow the boiler to integrate more simply in a home where an already existing boiler is being replaced.
Also as in the combined boiler, the supply of cold water is pumped directly to the boiler itself, eliminating any need for a storage tank of cold water and again saves space, a more appropriate placement in a smaller house. This development creates lower operating costs, as the boiler provides hot water on demand, without the need for a storage cylinder, as with the regular boiler.
In case of breakdown of a gas boiler, you should contact a trained boiler service technician, for safety reasons.

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Garden Design Ideas To Decorate An Outdoor Space

Decorating and cultivating a garden is a joy that goes beyond the simple act of growing plants or flowers. Working in your own garden is almost a health treatment in itself. People feel good working  face to face with nature and make a connection with it. In addition, physically it also is great because it allows us to exercise our body, gently without strain. But also, if you have a garden, we must not miss the opportunity to decorate it, just like an interior room in the house. With minimal ideas for decorating a garden , it will become an essential part of the overall look and feel  of the house.

Choosing plants and flowers for the garden
When it first comes to decorating a garden, it can be hard and sometimes you can come to doubt if it’s being done correctly or not. But soon start growing flowers and plants and you will see that the uncertainty has its rewards. We must begin by choosing plants and flowers we put in our garden. To do this we must first consider the type of weather in our area and the type of plants that are adapted to it.

When it comes to decorating a garden, it is important to choose plants that have the right level of hardiness for the climate in your area. Depending on the weather in the area where we live, the survival of the plants we choose for our garden will vary greatly. A good way to know correctly what plants grow well in your area is to consult with a professional gardener. He can inform you of the species of plants that are well adapted to the climate where you are and which are not. It’s a good way to ensure the success of the plants.
Something else to consider and comes into play is the characteristics of our garden because the soil type is just as, or more important than the weather. Therefore, we must ask at the local garden center about the characteristics of our soil to determine what kinds of plants grow well in our area.

Decorating Your Garden

Garden Design

And once we have the weaknesses and strengths of our garden, then we will decide what we want to plant or cultivate and where. We must make a study of the major problems we may encounter and possible solutions we can develop.

Ideas to decorate a garden
Here is perhaps the trickiest part of the process, it is the time when we actually start to decorate our garden. One of the best ideas for decorating a garden is to draw a map of the garden and on the plan, draw a small representation of the colors that are going to develop depending on what plants you’re going to grow. This is a complicated issue, as it is difficult to visualize an overall picture of the terrain. To get a little situation we can use cardboard, wood or anything that resembles a plant and can represent the plant we want to put in each place. Of course, you can decorate your garden yourself without outside help from professionals, but I assure you it’s hard when you first start. As mentioned, a garden is a large are to get an overview of the mature plants. Finding your ideal garden is an long-term goal and takes much trial and error to find exactly what you want for your site. Although there are many possibilities, it all depends on your imagination. You must take into account the sizes, shapes, colors and textures with each of the plants and flowers.

Enlist the help of a professional landscaper
If you are very confused when looking for ideas for decorating a garden, you can always seek the help of a landscaper to design a garden plan, because he or she knows exactly what’s best for your site, what will grow best and how make the most of its characteristics.

Ceiling Fan Repair

As usual when something breaks, chain disruptions continue in their most brilliant expression. Two days later the washing machine …. the bidet has started to lose water from the exhaust, which is not good. To repair, take off the ring and I realize that the drain plug is in the pond … Urgh … ok I do not lose heart, I go to retrieve the box welder which was what I used when  I built the copper dragons in the pond. A nice little pond I had some time in the case of tools. I value and proceed with removing the bidet. I clean the grout to replace it later with silicone.

I remove the drain assembly that i much more damaged than expected. In the past probably it had already been repaired therefore, the drain was razed to the wall, recessed curved narrow down .. no margin in order to connect the discharge has been affected. I place the soldering iron to heat and warm it tin previously placed. As a challenge I slowly rebuilt the connection very patiently. Just rebuilt everything I inserted the tube, positioning the bidet pasting it on the ground and then … with a Nice SILICONED I “welded to the pipe wall. I replaced the plugs to a crawl and screwed the screws bidet. I then put a ban on using the bidet for two days, cleaned up the excess silicone … (a feat almost titanic) and voila … now we have the cleanest bums in town! Yesterday to follow … the ceiling fan broke … just broken was the “rotor” spring (the one seen for heavy weights) and the opposite bracket with ball bearing, the fan of 2.80 meters is not needed so I climbed down again. So what? Normally I get along alone, I enjoy and satisfy me be able to make at home small “miracles -pizza and beer with all the family.” To start you need to open the box / boxes, to understand what you’re talking about … and also there is not a joke because it happens that the cover of the boxes is corroded over time, making it difficult each intervention. The scale object to be placed so as not to get hurt …. we estimate that the temperature in the house is 34 degrees and that the body is filthy inside from fear of a black sooty (pollution, dust … everything) looked like a chimney sweep. I get acquainted with the mechanism  knowing a rotor must always have the parallel parts if one of them is off-axis … there is nothing to be done is broken. I can hardly roll out across the roller shutter guides, and untie all the tired 5 knots and I can drop the bar on which the roller shutter. And now that I have everything in hand and I have found that is all shaky?? I took a shower because I look like a charcoal, at this moment the solution seems to me like a vision.

In 15 minutes they are in time, I take the parts that I need (the rotor to repair) contenting myself with those who find it. pay: 12 euros in total allotment for the shutter. At home reassemble everything, block with the spinets the supports of the bar by placing a “wood” to prevent the pin out from its housing, the cable, the shutter to the pole and I try to pull up everything … with 37 degrees in the house as well. TATATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA It works!! Redoing a second sauna but voila … this is it!!

Condominium Home maintenance

Hello, my name is Marco and in the past I have already helped to resolve a difference of ideas between condominiums and administrator. This is the current situation:

The building consists of 9 entities. one of these entities is composed of a single house with a wall at the border only remaining building. The detached house has a completely fenced garden. The entire building is served by municipal water from the aqueduct but from an artesian well. There are two tanks for water supply. a single and a house staff to manage the remaining 8 agencies. (Both on the properties of a single house). The well is in the garden of the property of a single house, and from there flows a fountain for the exclusive use of a single house.

For the remaining eight condominiums there is no possibility to access the fountain because the house is fenced and closed by the network and there are no gates and valves that can be used by other entities. The fountain has undergone maintenance by cleaning from roots (plants owned and exclusive use of a single house) and a problem with the tube of the fountain. The cost of repairing and cleaning pipes was charged to all institutions and divided into thousandths.

I believe, however, that a large part of people who pay actually enjoy the right of the fountain (which can be accessed for cool water to wet the garden etc etc when and how he wants) and possibly in small part to the remaining building. What do you think? Are there are specific laws about this? I take this opportunity to extend warm greetings and thank you for your help.

It ‘s very strange with the condominium fund serving, because singular, asking that reimbursement has ignored that it is building with a capital C but with some caveats, to which everything must pass at the meeting, provided that the building is been properly formalized. Formalize a condominium consists APPOINT necessarily mean the administrator. It may well be that I am mistaken, not having her clear whether or not there is an administrator.

The only plant that must be considered is the COMMON system for the artesian well and its ancillary components, such as autoclave, it is on it that you have to focus on the maintenance areas, for which expenditure is to be allocated to the table thousandth of ownership. In this case you would have to apply Article 1123 of the Civil Code and the second paragraph of the first paragraph as actually happened. You can always return to it and change the allotment criteria expenses.